a pure water-fed and lader-less cleaning system

Health and Safety

There’s more to cleaning windows than just a ladder and a wash leather. With the current legal working height for washing windows using ladders set at 29 feet maximum, we have to make sure we have the most effective and safest equipment for our employees to use, whilst ensuring the customer is happy with the end result. What’s more, if a window cleaning operative was injured whilst on your site and you were not complying with certain health and safety regulations, you could be held liable.

At Clearview, we don’t believe our customers should have to worry about our employees. Instead, we use Tucker Pole Systems, a unique window washing system which is specially designed to perfectly clean and polish high-rise windows up to 65 feet from the ground.

The water evaporates without a smear or stain, glass remains cleaner for longer and the brushing action glides smoothly over vertical and horizontal bars, lifting dirt from sills and ledges at the same time. So with our operative’s feet firmly on the ground, you do not need to worry about the health and safety aspect of our service. You can just sit back and admire the gleaming results!

Where buildings can not be cleaned using the water-fed system, we will use hydraulic platforms.

All our operatives are fully trained and members of International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)

All staff are qualified in NVQ level 2 cleaning and support services.

Tucker Pole Systems FWC