a pure water-fed and lader-less cleaning system


Blocked gutters are a massive cause of water ingress and flood damage to homes in the UK.  The guttering on buildings receives a year round flow of debris and dirt that flows off the roof during rainfall. Gutters also trap leaves blown in by the wind and it is not uncommon to see them clogged with silt, moss and even plants that cause blockages and prevent them from doing their job.

Because the Health and Safety at Work Act has made the use of ladders inappropriate in certain situations, we have invested in the revolutionary ‘Guttervac’.  This is a vacuum cleaning process which collects wet or dry leaves, silt and other debris without the use of ladders.  Access to the gutters is from the ground, using extension tubes that reach up to 40ft high (approximately 4-5 storeys).

Because the operator works safely from the ground this eliminates the use of ladders and cherry pickers making it safer, faster and therefore cheaper to keep gutters clean.  It also maintains privacy and reduces disturbance.  Clean gutters eliminate the chance of water build-up and serious damage in ceiling and building structures due to blocked gutters, as well as lengthening gutter life. 

In addition to clearing blocked gutters, the ’Guttervac’ can be used as a preventative maintenance service, whereby it is recommended that property owners/managers should clean out gutters annually to prevent blockages and preventing further expense through repairs, as it is possible that insurance claims may be declined due to poorly maintained gutters.

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